Sunday, November 2, 2008


Hey Everyone-

I will be posting what I call an "anatomy of a card"  series. This is just a look into what goes on when I make a card. I wanted to make a simple holiday card with one of my new Stampin Up sets.   The final 2 cards at the bottom are my finished projects. I'm just not sure which one I like better.  Is it the simple card with out the extra snowflakes or the card with the extra snowflakes? let me hear your comments!!

Sue T.


judyneef said...

Hey, great job!!! I think I would even add just a few more snowflakes. Maybe three smaller ones? Love what you did! Judy

bevyb said...

I like the one with the snowflakes and I agree with Judy about adding some more (smaller) snowflakes.
I like the idea how you showed comparing different ribbons before making you final selection.
Great job