Friday, March 27, 2009

bees wax creation

Good Morning Bloggers!!

I am entering early 'cos it is gonna be sunny and 65 today. I would love,love, love to get outside and enjoy the great weather before the rain comes back.

This is a canvas that I made at my beeswax class last Saturday at the Little Spark. Similar to the class I took with MaryJo McGraw at Heather's years back. The fun n classes is not only learning something new its being with friends and making new friends. I have a saying that goes-"If ya learn one new thing in a class it was worth it!!"

I just might get the beeswax pan out again!!

Enjoy your day folks!!

Sue T.

1 comment:

Claire said...

wow, you gals are blogging maniacs. I wish I could have made the event in allentown, but I was in Hawaii...I know, cry me a river...:0) I bought some wax over a year ago, but haven't tried this technique yet. so cool!!!

Hope you had fun in the poconos!!