Sunday, July 12, 2009


I just had to show you all 2 birthday cards I received this year from my good buddy Bevy B. and Claire my awesome StampinUp rep. I love these cards cos' they are interactive and I would never be able to make them. Just think of the time that goes into making a card like these!! All I can say is-"they must like me!!' "they really really like me!!"

Sue T. who is off to the Little Spark in Jersey for classes and shopping!!


bevyb said...

Sue T, glad you enjoyed my card. You are a special person and deserved a special you can tell I'm catching up on my blog reading

Julie Rig said...

Sue, I love that card from Claire. I should go to her site and see if there are instructions. So clever. You know me, I'm not afraid of a fold.

sue t. said...


Believe it or not it is a die cut from the Stampin Up catty.