Monday, April 30, 2012


I have waited for today for 2 weeks. I am done the final paper for my class and I planned today to stamp. I have all the new stuff I picked up at the conventions, I have the new distress markers and I have 3 birthdays to create cards for and I... am... uninspired....

How can this be? I have spent the last hour sitting at my desk and nothing is coming to me- nothing!

So.... this blog will feature a card from when I was inspired- one of many I made on my weekend away.

Doesn't this card just say April? April showers bring May flowers. I used the Hero Arts background stamp and matching folder and a stamp a new company Sunshine designs. Both picked up at the convention.

So how do you get inspired? Let me know and maybe by the next time I blog, I will be inspired.

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Claire said...

how do I get in inspired?? I look at stamping blogs like this one;0) seriously, I look at my google reader list of stamping blogs almost daily and star things to copy/tweak later. I think it helps to constantly have those ideas coming in. splitcoast of course too, by searching a gallery of cards of a certain stamp set. I love it when I start by thinking I'll copy something I see, and it ends up totally different!