Friday, July 20, 2012

Those darn craps, I mean scraps.....

I have these little blue bins and I keep works in progress in them with the stamps and inks I am using, but I also use them for putting scraps and unfinished pieces of work in them. You know us stampers, we can't throw anything away!

Every now and again I go through the scrap bin and see if I can make a card or two with the scraps and unfinished pieces.

So I empty it on my desk and sort through it looking for just the piece that calls to me.

See anything you like?
I always find something fun in the scrap bin, something that just didn't work at the time, but might work today. It's kinda like finding a ten dollar bill in the pocket of a pair of hardly worn pants.

Here are two cards I made in under a half hour from the scrap bin.

All pieces from the scrap bin. The only thing I added is the birthday.

All from the scrap bin. I just put it together.

They have a fall feel to them, but then it is cool and rainy today. It is easy to think it is autumn out there instead of the blistering dry and sunny summer that we have been enjoying. Enjoying?!!!? Maybe not.

Do you save your scraps? Do you get them out and play with them? Wear do you store them? Are they close to your work area like mine are so you can grab them easily?

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Claire said...

scraps annoy the crap out of me and I usually trash them right away, but I see now I should get over that and help realize their potential for new projects on a different day. if I had a separate room for stamping maybe:0)