Friday, April 12, 2013

Flower Power

Would it be wrong for me to say, thank God for credit cards. We have 2- yes 2 conventions in my area this weekend!! Today I travelled about 30 minutes to attend Scrapbook Expo. I wasn't really expecting a whole lot, was planning on saving my pennies for tomorrow. But- isn't there always a but!!??!! 

Rubbernecker had the best flower stamps and they had a great demo artist. Oooohhhh those demos artist can be so evil.... they can get you to open your wallet faster then a robber with a gun!! 

I had to have everyone of the flowers and I had to get out of the convention so I could go home and play!!

These stamps are perfect for my obsession with perfecting my one layer cards. This week's OLW challenge is to make a tall and thin card. I really dislike tall and thin cards, so I decided to keep it within my comfort zone and envi size and my card is 3 x 5 1/2 inches. I thought I was so brilliant until I saw Ardyth's post for the same challenge! I'd like to think great minds think alike!

Anyway I digress, I created this one layer card set with the sketch poppies set. What fun! 

So here it is after 6 and no dinner for the hubby. Yikes! Gotta go!!

I will let you know how the Heirloom Rubberstamp convention is on Sunday.


Tanis Scott said...

Very nice, especially the red poppies.

Mrs Harry said...

These are the most gorgeous cards. I need that stamp now!

Mrs Harry said...

These are the most gorgeous cards. I need that stamp now!

Heather T said...

These tall and thin cards are so pretty. I love the combination of stamps you chose and all the colour schemes. Beautiful.

Anonymous said...

love this style too!

Margarita Navarro-Rivera said...

Love your rainbow technique and your his and hers cards!