Thursday, August 14, 2014

Freestyle stamping


I call this technique free style stamping, sounds fancy huh? It really just means doodling, something that I love to do. Did you know that doodling can make you smarted. Check out this article. Lots of famous people doodle also, so we doodlers are in great company.

While have done this technique for years, it wasn't until I was taking the new online class Stretch Your Stamps, that I was reminded of it.

I stamped gathered blooms using my favorite inks Momentos.


The trick with this technique is to think outside the box!! Instead of the stems on the gathered blooms, I saw a vase. I stamp the image off the paper, which always creates more interest.
I then put some ink directly to a craft sheet, but you just as easily use an acrylic block and added some greenery to the image with a waterbrush.


From there I began my doodling using an extra fine point sharpie. (make sure your piece is completely dry before doodling- no smears please.)


Here the doodling is just about complete. To finish it I added some accents to the vase and flowers. I created shadows around the image and added some splatters.The trick is just to have fun.


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Unknown said...

Honestly, this is gorgeous! Doodling can you smarter, eh? I need to try that! I can use all the smart I can get:)