Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Mid Challenge reminder for the Male Room

 Hi all! I am pooping in with a reminder to join the fun over at the Male Room. Challenge #15 is all about "spots and stripes".

I had so much fun with this challenge that I made several cards. See this post for my other entries.

 Thank you cards can be tough for guys.  I mean do men really expect thank you cards? is it a "girly" thing.  What are your thoughts?

I suppose there are times when you need to send a thank you card to a guy. I always send the docs I work with thank yous for my Christmas gift.

This graphic black and white card card is perfect for a guy. But what do you think of this interpretation of the same card?

Does this one work for a guy or is it more feminine? May be it straddles the fence- male and female.

Anyway, whatever you think, be sure to join in the fun at the Male Room!!

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Mac Mable said...

Just love these cards. I think it works great for a mans card. I know my husband would love it. Just for a change I think it would be great to send a thank you card to a gentleman ... why not? Particularly love the black and white one, very sophisticated and creative x