Wednesday, June 11, 2014

True North

I just celebrated my 27th (Yikes!!!) anniversary! It really does seem just like yesterday that George and I were exchanging our vows on a very hot day in May. We had our wedding and reception out doors and it was about 98 degrees! The minister who married us was in his 90's and this was the last wedding he performed. His poor wife was holding him during the service and he called me sarah through out the wedding! At least the license had the right name!

George is very interested in maps and navigation. He always plans our trip routes. When I saw the the Avery Elle stamp set- Knotty, I knew I had to have it for my anniversary card.

 CAS-ology is having a challenge for anniversary cards and I am entering George's card. (I had to sneak it off his desk to photograph it)

 Today was a problematic day to photograph cards. It was cloudy and rainy. The primary card I photographed without any extra light. The card below I turned on a lamp in my studio. Not sure which I like better.

Thanks for stopping by!

PS- incase you weren't sure what "true north" is here is a quick definition from Wickepedia.

True north is the direction along the earth's surface towards the geographic North Pole. True geodetic north usually differs from magnetic north, and from grid north.


Marlena M. said...

Bless your preacher's heart! LOL Love the sentiment, your story and your card. Now sneak that card back...

Taunya Butler said...

Wow - this card would fit very well the way I feel about my husband of 27 years!! Thank you SO much for sharing!!

Melissa said...

What a GREAT masculine card this is!!! Love the compass paired with that fantastic sentiment!
Thank you so much for joining us over at CASology! :)

Jeanne J said...

This is perfect. Love the map paper with the compass, and of course that itty bitty heart gem!

wienerhoneymooners said...

Sue, this is TERRIFIC, love the masculine theme!!!

Thanks for joining us at CASology for the Anniversary CUE, means tons to see all this creativity!

wienerhoneymooners said...

Thanks for joining CASology in the celebrations, tune in we have more to come and blog candy!, so check out CASology's post TODAY to see what is coming!!!!

---Also check out my special post tomorrow -for MORE Fun, Prize and a GAME!

Wendy said...

Nice card. Always love the stories behind what inspires a card. Congrats! on your 27th.