Saturday, May 14, 2016

Showing off

Some exciting news to share. Our health system really goes all out for Nurses' week and National Hospital week, both of which are back to back. One of the events this year is an employee art show. Employees could submit art work to be chosen to be displayed. Encouraged by two of my fav artist physicians, I submitted some of my mixed media art. I didn't think the art committee would pick it as it is rather different than the art usually shown. One most of it cannot be hung on the wall. Fearing that just openly displaying it would encourage those with sticky fingers, it was all displayed in a sturdy acrylic case.

Last Monday, there was a "meet the artists" reception. It was fun telling folks that I was "the artist" who created these works. I received lots of compliments. Several folks asked me if I sell my work. Another asked if I would take part in a craft show/fair. It was all sooooo exciting!

Throughout the past week, various people I work with have come up to me at work saying they didn't know I was such an artist. Makes me chuckle.

Everything will be on display for the next 2 months and the organizer for the event told me they would like to build a larger case for my work for next years event! 


donna sherman said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!!! What an honor to be recognized like this, and to have all your stuff displayed this way!!! That's fantastic!!!! You have a good reason to be proud!!!! ENJOY the moment of glory!!!

Michele Henderson said...

Congratulations, Sue! These look amazing in their professional museum cases! AWESOME!
Take Care!