Saturday, November 29, 2008

Some stuff I've worked on.

I haven't spent the entire Thanksgiving holiday cooking. Here are a couple of cards I've made for George's birthday and a Thanksgiving card for my niece Sarah. If anyone knows George the shirt and tie card is totally him!! He even has a tie almost exactly like the tie in the card. The "you rock" card s 'cos every year he gets a guitar card. Maybe I can try and scare up the others to show you..

It's time to start working on your holiday cards. I'm going up the Studio when i am done here and start getting busy. Let me know when you all start and do you have any tricks to make it go smoothly and quickly. I am sure others would like to know as well.

Sue T.  

Classes next weekend saturday Dec. 6, 2008.

Sorry for not posting recently.

The holidays and work have taken precedence. Judy and I have the last 2 classes for the 2008 year next Saturday. The old standbys!! Ornaments in the 10:00-12:00 spot and tags in the 1:00-3:00 spot. We have some awesome samples.

Check out the picts!! As you can see from the Star book ornament I have been cutting paper till I'm nuts. You have the easy part- SAR!!

Please let us know if you are interested in taken any or all of theses great classes. Any comments you make to this post and come to class may result in a small prize on the day of classes!!  

Hope to see many of you in class!!

Sue T.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Awesome Classes Awesome Day!

Hi All!
These are pictures taken during our classes at The Creative Studio last week! This is our Holiday Card Extravaganza and everyone was working hard to get the cards done for each class. You could stay all day and most everyone did, it was and enjoyable time together. There is nothing like spending time with people that love doing what you do! Your always learn a little bit from each other whether it's a good stamp store in the area or the best place to go online for something. We took a break and had lunch at the Studio from our favorite place The Clifton Deli!

We're looking forward to our next set of classes, coming up December 6th! Sue and I will put our samples up soon!

Saturday, November 8, 2008

When teachers play!!

Good Morning Everyone!!

I am beginning to get the hang of all this MAC stuff. YEAH!!

Thought I would share some pics of teachers at play. Once a month Judy, Julie, Deborah and myself get together to stamp, share ideas and way to many laughs. We call ourselves the SNS- Sunday Night Stampers. At this session, Deborah had just gotten a Cuttlebug( a bit behind the times don't ya think!?!) I gave a mini lesson in everything it can do.

Hey if any of you have Cuttle bug ideas send into the comments. I am sure that Deborah would love to see them.

Sue T.

Sunday, November 2, 2008


Hey Everyone-

I will be posting what I call an "anatomy of a card"  series. This is just a look into what goes on when I make a card. I wanted to make a simple holiday card with one of my new Stampin Up sets.   The final 2 cards at the bottom are my finished projects. I'm just not sure which one I like better.  Is it the simple card with out the extra snowflakes or the card with the extra snowflakes? let me hear your comments!!

Sue T.