Sunday, January 28, 2018

Go Eagles!!

I am not a football kinda gal, but I can't help but be caught up in Philly's Eagles superbowl fever! I mean this is my home team!! Everywhere you go people are wearing green, they have their houses decked out in green lights. Everyone is friendly and saying"go Eagles" to one another. There are no barriers when it comes to the Eagles. We are all on the same team. 

 Philly has been deemed the underdog in this year's playoff. So I wanted to send out a bit of encouragement to them. That's why this week's sketch challenge over at Inky Paws was right on point. "Toucan do it!!" I used Newton's "Toucan Party" for the challenge. I do not have any eagle stamps, but Mr. Toucan was more than happy to don green feathers to support a fellow bird!

I kept this card very CAS, but within the confines of the sketch. Not always an easy thing to accomplish. 

Head over to Inky Paws and join in the fun, You still have five days left!


Sunday, January 14, 2018

Pinkie's challenge!!

The challenge over at Inky Paws is right up my alley!! The theme is "pretty in pink".

 Did the design team know that my sweet girl is name Pinkie?!!? It's Pinkie's challenge. I had to enter, otherwise she would have never purr for me again!

Pinkie wandered into my local stamp store when she was about 4 weeks old. The owner called me to see if I would take her. My husband said absolutely not! At the time we already had 6 cats and a dog. I lined up a home for this sweet girl, but needed to bring her home over night. When I picked the wee waif up, she was in a basket wrapped in a pink blanket with pink ribbons tied to the handle. I took her home, my husband took one look at her and said- "oh no, we are keeping her!!". It was a no brainer that she was named Pinkie. That was 18 years ago and Pinks is the only cat left and is the queen of the house. Life revolves around her.

Pinkie spends all her time in my studio. She used to try and help, but these days she is happy to just snooze away her hours in the studio.

At 18, I know Pinkie is living on borrowed time, so I cherish every moment with her.

For my entry, Pinkie suggested I turn Newton's Nook waves stencil around and use it as party streamers!! What a brilliant idea! I would have never thought of that. The old girl still has it in her!! 

Newton's Nook has some great new building dies, that I used today. I used the frames die and tag dies. My party girl is from the Birthday Bash set

Head over to Inky Paws for Pinkie's challenge and join in on the fun!! Pinkie can't wait to see what you all come up with too!


Friday, January 5, 2018

Challenge redo 2018

My card that I submitted to the Inky Paws color challenge last year (LOL) has been bothering me. Each time I look at it, I wasn't not happy with it but could not put my finger on what was bothering me. 

While spending 2 hours at the dealership today waiting for car maintenence I just decided I didn't like it. When I got home, I went up to my studio and tinkered around with several changes. I have to say I REALLY like this version. I mixed the colors up a bit and created demension. All of which seem to make this design stand out more.

Not sure if you can submit more than one card to the Ink Paws challenge, but I would like the design team to see my improved design.

I am getting this in just under the wire with only 17 hours left in the challenge.  Check out the challenge, there are many awesome submissions.