Monday, January 31, 2011

More Memory Box Love

A breath of spring as well as Valentine's all rolled into one card. Here I am trying to use all the new MB stamps in one card. So forget being clean and simple!

I wasn't sure if I like this card but it is growing on me. It is nice to see a Valentine card that isn't red.

Have a great week all!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Do You Remember......

this card I posted in December before our puter crashed....

This was the $87.00 card that entered in the Paper Source Holiday card contest. Well as of last week I still hadn't heard anything about the contest. In fact I had kinda forgotten about it.

Last night I was on the puter and said to George I never heard from Paper Source about who won the contest. I no sooner said that when the phone rings. It is the corporate office of Paper Source in Chicago telling me I won the card contest! How weird is that?!!

So my $50.00 gift card will be sent to me, so I guess the card only cost me $37.00!

But hey it isn't about the money huh? We do it because we love stamping! We will spend just about anything to create that perfect card. Remember the early days when you thought making cards was going to save you money- boy were we suckers!!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

More Valentine's

I was hoping to have more to show all of you, but I spent the last 2 days in bed (and in the BR) with a serious GI bug. I didn't think this was suppose to happen to a GI nurse. Shouldn't we be immune to that sorta thing? Colds, flus, eye infections yes but GI no way!

This card was for my class that obviously was cancelled this past weekend at One Little Spark in NJ. I have it rescheduled for Feb 12 at 12noon if any of you can make it.

This is my best attempt at clean and simple but we are still talkin' at least 2 layers.

Stay tune for more love, now that I am on the mend.


Friday, January 14, 2011

Only 4 weeks......

until Valentines Day! Christmas is over we now have to concentrate on LOVE. Yes! Love is in the air! (yeah- you thought it was snow huh?)

Valentine's Day is the perfect answer to the creative doldrums I find myself in every Jan 2.  This year it helped to have a BIG box from Memory Box come in the mail. All Dave's new stamps including Valentine's stamps.

If you follow the Memory Box blog Outside the Box you might have seen this card.

This will just be the start of my Valentine cards. I hope you all will find something to inspire you.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Rocky Mountain High

Happy New Year Everyone!

Sorry for the long delay. We have had multiple computer problems since my last post. I have been forced to really learn to work on my lap top.

I am getting it together so hopefully I won't be so neglectful of all of you.

I just got back from a week in Denver. I was there for work training. Interestingly, while we were have 20 degree weather and snow, it was in the 60's with the wee bit of snow they had melting away. The Rockies are amazing. They loom up all around you. Unfortunately this is as close as I got to them. The one day we had to ourselves, my girlfriends and I went into Denver and enjoyed walking all over the city.

The people are so different, everyone is  soooooo nice. Many folk seem to laugh and talk at the same time. Just about everyone we met was from some place else. One of the big selling points to moving to Colorado for me is..... ARCHIVERS!!!! Yep, just a few miles from the hotel was an Archivers. Naturally it was the first place I headed after arriving.

This is the Archiver's haul. I just stuck to stamps. The easiest to bring back on the plane. As you can see it was all the new Hero Arts stuff. When I am done with this post ya know what I will be doing.

I promise to post more frequent. After all Valentine's Day is just around the corner.