Thursday, October 16, 2008

Holiday Extravaganza

Hi Everyone!

I thought I would add some more card samples so you would have some more ideas of what to look for at our Holiday Extravaganza coming up on November 1st. Sue and I are so excited to get back into teaching again!

I've been busy these past few months doing some commission work, such as Graduation announcements for four people and I'm in the middle of doing Wedding invitations for my daughter's friend. I'll have to share those with you sometime, I designed eight different choices for her and she was so thrilled and is in the middle of choosing exactly what she wants. I also finished a wonderful 12x12 digital storybook for my father-in-law on his experiences in World War II. I will be bringing some show and tell to the Extravaganza - come see what I've been up to!!!

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Unknown said...

Hi Judy and Sue,

You guys are super cool. I love the samples and can't wait to see you in a couple of weeks. This is the first blog I've ever been on. This is my second try at posting a comment. Hopefully this time I'll get it right. I look forward to further exploring the blog. See you soon. Suzanne