Sunday, June 14, 2009

OH NO not another cat picture.......

Not much to share art wise today- lots of Quest projects being completed and ya know.... ya gotta check out the Stamper's Quest web site to see them.

You all here about Miss Pinkie all the time, but I do have other kitties.

Here is our Winky- although he has several names. He was christened Wilkie- but that changed to Winky and then sometimes Stinky.

Next is the crazy Zephry and like her name she is like the wind, fleeting and ephemeral. I call her my half cat as she is only home from November to May. then she leaves and doesn't return till it gets cold. When she is home she is so stinkin' loving ya get tired of her and wish it was time for her to leave again!!

That's it for this week Gang!!

Sue T.

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