Sunday, August 9, 2009

New desk, New studio, Renewed Creativity

Hey everyone-

Sorry for the wait between posts. Some how life got in the way and it's 2 weeks later and I can finally sit down and blog.

What have I been doing you ask? Well, I went to the Little Spark for a Amusepalooza. I took lots of classes and think I have my Christmas cards done!! Then it was time for CKC in Valley Forge where all but one (I took 8!) were horrible. But I did spend money. I bought a desk!! It has really changed the look of my studio and is giving my creativity a much needed burst.

Last Thursday I headed down to the Queen's Ink in Maryland with Pat and Bevy B. for 2 coloring classes taught by Dave Brethauer owner of Memory Box. The first was a watercolor class and the second was a colored pencil class. Both were the BEST classes I have taken in years and years!! If you ever get a chance to see him- ya gotta take it.

Dave embodies the simple card, something you all know I am striving towards.

Have a wonderful week, stay cool and be creative.

Sue T.

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Claire Lawrence said...

so cool to see your space! it looks very inviting and inspiring...I'm glad you got to take some good classes recently after CKC. ran into Bev, who told me you were not impressed:0)

see you wed. for card club!