Sunday, August 29, 2010

I Couldn't Resist

I know you all want to see stamping and stuff, but I just couldn't resist. George and I had to buy new chairs for the backyard and the beach this summer. The other two- oops I mean one when in the trash. We could not throw one chair away as our cat Winkie has made it his special spot. I had to make sure everyone knew it was his chair and didn't try and sit on it. That would have been a sight! 

Winkie loves to hang on his chair when George and I are reading in the backyard. I have to say I never saw a cat do this. He only sits in his chair too. he knows which one is his. Animals are amazing!

Now Miss Pinkie wants her picture in the blog too. She is such a scaredy cat but likes to think she is tough. Here she is surveying her backyard kingdom.

Come back again this week and I will have some cards for all of you.

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bevyb said...

The pics are so cute and yes cats are amazing. My friend Harriet called me yesterday to tell me that she left a cup of herbal tea on a table, turned around and then when she turned back to pick up the tea, there was Winnie lapping the tea!