Sunday, January 23, 2011

More Valentine's

I was hoping to have more to show all of you, but I spent the last 2 days in bed (and in the BR) with a serious GI bug. I didn't think this was suppose to happen to a GI nurse. Shouldn't we be immune to that sorta thing? Colds, flus, eye infections yes but GI no way!

This card was for my class that obviously was cancelled this past weekend at One Little Spark in NJ. I have it rescheduled for Feb 12 at 12noon if any of you can make it.

This is my best attempt at clean and simple but we are still talkin' at least 2 layers.

Stay tune for more love, now that I am on the mend.



Unknown said...

Hi Sue,

First of all, congrats on winning the contest - no surprise there! I love your Valentine cards and I am so hankering for a card class. I wish you offered a class closer to home (Narberthish). Any chance you could be persuaded to offer a semi private lesson to a small group of friends? Suzanne (

bevyb said...

Love your attempt at a simple card. I saw that you postponed the class till Feb. Hope you are feeling better.
I've been driving down to One Little Spark for Sue's classes and other classes. Nice little stamp with a big class room. The owner had Dave from Memory box this last summer and what a great class that was. If you get a group together especially when the weather is better the ride is about an hour and a half. There is a good diner in Tukerton to stop to eat and in the summer, Stewarts is open. It is the only stamp store left in this area.