Friday, June 10, 2011


Yes I know his has absolutely nothing to do with stamping, but I was honored to be part of the team to do an endoscopy on a 400 year old Hungarian mummy that is part of the Mummies of the World exhibit (based on the German Mummy Project) starting next weekend at the Franklin Institute. 

   Lankenau Medical Center in partnership with the Franklin Institute participated in a   catscan on a 600 year old South American baby mummy. We also performed a laproscopic endoscopy on the Veronica Orlovits who along with her husband and son were found naturally mummified in a crypt in Hungary. The purpose of the endoscopy was to attempt to obtain biopsies of stomach tissue to test for a bacteria that is known to cause ulcer disease.

What an experience this was! The mummies arrived along with all the media and anyone else from the hospital that could find there way down to farthest corner of the hospital.

The nurse in me really came out when I requested a sheet to be put on the stretcher that Veronica was laid on. Her garments were gently removed and 3 natural openings were present in her abdomen.  We went through these openings and were able to gather what we felt to the best of our knowledge was the stomach and take our specimens.

The scientist in charge of the project could not have been more thrilled with the size, amount and quality of our specimens. 

I can't wait to see the exhibit myself knowing the small role I had in the research of this project.

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