Sunday, August 14, 2011

Feline Frenzy

I have 3 cats so this Penny Black stamp when straight to my heart. You have big tough Winky in the upper left, the elusive Zephry in the upper right and my sweet, precious and adorable Pinkie on the bottom. The colors came straight from  Stampin Up's color coach. 

The white on white with the pop of green (the most beautiful color in the whole world!), brown and pink
really makes this card sing- oops I mean meow!


bevyb said...

I see you used your new Spellbinder die you picked up at ckc on this card. this is certainly a cat lovers card..

judyneef and karencowen said...

See, I do read the blog!!! You're doing a great job on this and I love the card. Had a great weekend!