Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Egg Day!!

Happy Easter to all of you!!

Here are some blue versions of Easter cards!

I spent yesterday with my niece, her husband and my grand niece and nephew. I did some cooking and then when dinner was done the dining room table was cleared and the much used crafting table cloth was put on and the egg dying began! 

It is always a bit of sensory overload if you come to our egg dying sessions as a newcomer. There is just so many things to try. This year we went with the Koolaid dyed eggs. Yes, you heard me right eggs dyed using Koolaid. It was a fun experiment and they smelled great but not something we will try again.

You are missing the other half of the table with all the stamps, inks, sprays, glitter, flowers and gems.

My grand niece really gets in to all the artsy stuff and makes sure every egg she makes has gems on it.

My nephew in law takes this egg dying seriously and will spend the entire evening making one egg covered in Stickles glitter glue. His eggs look like a Faberge egg! This year he was going for what he called a Fabstract egg! 

Look at that concentration! I left their house after 10:00 and Kevin was still at work on his masterpiece!

Here is look at some of the eggs we made in all their sloppy glory!

Wishing you all the most blessed Easter ever!

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