Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Friends with Stamps

I know you all have heard of friends with benefits, well I have friends with stamps!! Until recently when life just got overwhelmingly busy for all of us (children's weddings, new grandchildren, pursuing higher degrees etc. etc.) my friends and I would get together at least every few months for a stamping party. Now we are lucky if we get together twice a year.

Recently, I had a break with my last summer class and decided it was time for all of us to get together. So I put together a StampinUp party.  My good buddy Jude agreed to host it at her house and naturally I did all the cooking and while not everyone could come the majority of the group was there. When we do get together it seems all we do is laugh! We poke fun at one another and at ourselves. 

After a good meal and time for catch up and show and tells, it was time for some serious stamping and shopping. Claire, our StampinUp gal showed us two cute cards. The first used the new mitten stamp set  from the Holiday catty. The set has a matching punch. After making this cute swing card, I had to buy the stamp set and punch.

The best thing though was learning how to make the swing card. It looked really hard but it was soooo simple and with the new Bog Shot it was a breeze! Claire had several really cute samples.

The second card we made was a collage card. I know Jude loved this one. It was totally her style.

When the stamping was done, the shopping commenced. This was the first chance we all had to shop from the new catty and the holiday catty. I just loved the new holiday supplement and bought quite a bit from it. Thanks to the generosity of friends I was able to get a few freebies too.

Claire with Margarita
If you live around the south eastern Pa.or the Philadelphia and suburban areas and you want anything StampinUp, you must contact Claire Lawrence. Not only is she a great stampinUp gal, she is an amazing artist. She gives the best parties. Check her out here and if you contact her, tell her Sue T, sent you! 

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Claire Lawrence said...

SueT!!! you are so good (or bad) for the ego!!! Thanks for plugging my services:0) I'm so glad you enjoyed the cards so much. I love stamping with you guys, you keep me on my toes:0)