Sunday, March 16, 2014

WOOO HOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

First of all I want to thank the academy- scratch that I mean, I want to thank all of you who have put up with my whining and nonstop chatter about my Psych CLEP test. All the good wishes, thoughts and prayers paid off. 


The test was really really hard and I have been studying like crazy, but there were things on this test I never saw in all my reading. When i finished and the score was computed I had a 71. I wasn't sure if that was passing or not until I went to collect my papers. The proctor told me that not only did I passed, but I passed very well. I had a 71 out of 80!!!!

So this means come May 18th I can add a BSN after my name- Sue Trembeth RN BSN. Sounds great huh?

Thanks again to all of you!


Marisa said...

Doing a Happy Dance for you Sue!! GREAT news and a wonderful way to end my day :) A HUGE congrats on all your hard work - it paid of in spades :) Now go and celebrate!

Patricia said...

CONGRATULATIONS!! Well done you. All the hard work has been worth it.
A beautiful card to top it all

Patricia x

Mynn xx said...

OH my gosh, this is AMAZING news!!! Congratulations, Sue! SO well deserved! HUGS! :) Mynn xx

Margarita Navarro-Rivera said...

Congratulations Sue, I know how hard you worked. So glad that you will graduating in May! Love your cards