Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Peaceful Holiday

It is getting close to the big day. It is the hump day to Christmas. Today would be a good day to relax a bit and take some time for yourself. Even if it is to pour a glass of wine or make a mug of hot chocolate and watch the twinkling lights on the tree for a bit.

Everything will still be there waiting and it will all get done.

Today's card reminds me to stop and smell the pine trees. The soft colors relax and remind me the holidays aren't all about the gifting, decorating, cooking etc etc. They are about family, friends and the joy of the holiday itself.

These two stamps- this one and this one were popular a few years back, but they are new to me.

I loved this card so much, I made a similar card, not quite so cute using "Deck the Halls" by Lila Griffith.

So relax and enjoy the last day before the excitement begins!

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