Sunday, May 24, 2009


Good Evening Everyone!

It's so nice to realize you do not have to go to work in the morning! What all are you guys planning for the start to the 2009 summer?

I'm gonna be stamping tomorrow. Lots of projects and stuff to finish.

Thursday Jude and I spent the day stamping. I completed nothing of any import, but Judy made these really cool beads using fabric and UTEE. She brought some earrings and a necklace to work the day after and sold everything she made!!

Also not  to be outdone by Miss Pinkie, Lexi- Jude's dog wanted get her picture on the blog.

She sat at my feet nibbling on my toes while we were stamping!! She was so darn cute, she is the reason I got nothing done. I was to busy playing with her and taking her picture!

Have a great holiday folks!!

Sue T.

PS Has anyone gotten to the new paper store in Philly?

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judyneef and karencowen said...

Thanks, Sue, for posting my stuff!!! Today is the day I am planning to get my act together and find my missing camera piece so I can join you in postings. You continue to do a fabulous job and I thank you!!!!!!!!!! Let's plan a day of stamping again sooooon!