Friday, May 1, 2009

Let Them Eat Cake!!!!

Hello All!!

I took Judy out for her birthday today. We met at Starbucks and javanized ourselves and were off and over the bridge to Jersey to where else but .... One Little Spark. Judy hadn't been there yet and I was anxious for her to see it. Miss Pat was suppose to come but the swine flu at UDEL had her a bit preoccupied.

As usual both Pat and Lee her husband were waiting to greet us at the door. Judy shopped and got a demo on how to use the new score pal by Pat while Lee and were schoomzing in the store.

The Pat surprised Judy with a birthday cake, and Madelines. We all sat and enjoyed cake and conversation. Judy was totally touched by the thoughtfulness of Pat and Lee who she had JUST met. I guess the Philly foursomes rep is still OK.

Got some more cool stamps and I bought a scorepal. I gotta try some of the projects from the Scoreit web site. 

More adventures followed but I will save them for another day.

Have a great weekend !!

Sue T.

PS Does anyone recognize Judy's gift and card?


Claire Lawrence said...

that cake looks scrumptious!! Happy Birthday, Judy!!

judyneef and karencowen said...

Thank you Claire! And thanks, Sue, for a wonderful day!!! I really enjoyed seeing One Little Spark and the cake was yummy. What a nice surprise. Pat and Lee were wonderful.