Sunday, March 28, 2010

Stamp Scrap Art Tour Haul

This was the big weekend in Oaks for the Stamp Scrap Art show! It is a small but packed jammed convention in our own back yard! While I want to tell everyone how great this show is another part of me wants to keep it a secret so it won't get as crowded and chaotic as Allentown can be.

I was excited beyond measure to see a stamp company that I thought had shut down it's vulcanizer. I first discovered Picture Show stamps when I was out at StampAway many years ago. I had bought a bunch of there stamps and then they just disappeared. It turns out the owner Ann just moved to Maryland and will be doing a few shows a year on the east coast.

Picture Show does not have web site, nor a blog. They don't take credit cards and they only do 2-3 shows a year.  I asked Ann how can you make a living? She said they do OK and it is all word of mouth and mail order sales from a catty. Talk about old school! 

Their style is across the board as you can see from some of stamps in the above picture. I went a little crazy I have to say.  I bought lots and lots of unmounteds on Saturday and then dragged George back on Sunday for more. Unmounteds were very inexpensive at about $2.00-$4.00 each. They stamp beautifully. Ann told me to ink them with a brayer for the best impression, but I had no trouble just inking as I usually do.

Here are a few cards I made with Picture Show stamps.

Ann's husband tells me they are trying to get into Allentown. If you go check them out. There might be a few things left that I didn't buy !!

Sue T.

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bevyb said...

I also picked up a few stamps from Picture Show on Sunday or I should say whatever was left from Sue's shopping spree :)