Sunday, November 28, 2010

Now for Something Completely Different....

Since I have gotten a new stove in the past 3 weeks  am back to my love before stamping - cooking! I actually used to teach cooking and did some catering.

One of the things I love about my new stove is the griddle in the center- along with the extra oven!

I thought I share with you all a quick photo recipe for "Toads in a Hole". I have always wanted to make this. I love "dip in'" eggs- ya know the over easy runny ones. TIH is like that only the toast is built in. I kick it up a notch by using cinnamon roll bread from Trader Joe's. I reminds me of my all time favorite decadent, one billion calorie breakfast- the McGriddler from McDonalds.

You start with: 

Next throw a couple of pats of butter down on your hot griddle- or fry pan.  

Put your bread down and get it nice and hot.

Now carefully pour unbroken egg into the center of each piece of bread.

Cook until egg is beginning to set, then carefully flip the toast and egg over. And cook until whites are done and yolk is still runny. This all takes about 3-4 minutes maybe.

Lastly for total decadence I added some grated pepper jack cheese for saltiness and kick.

I hope you enjoyed this wee change from the card making and I hope you try Toads in a Hole yourself!

Stay tune for lots of holiday cards!

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Amy said...

Looks Yummy. Will you make me some?