Monday, April 8, 2013

One Layer of Simplicity

Another day, another challenge. I saved this Challenge until the creative juices got flowing. One Layer Wednesday is hosted by a variety of very creative women, who can make the most wonderful cards with only one layer.

As many know, one layer cards are just not my strong point, but I do so love a challenge. This week the OLW challenge is at Ardyth's blog MASKerade. The challenge was to use as many threesomes as you can on your card- three being the magic number in design.

The challenge seemed daunting on a number (three) of levels. But when i was going through my stamps to see what inspired me, I came across this saying from Hero Arts about simplicity. Exactly what the challenge required! Next I searched for the perfect accompanying stamp. The rest is history.

So I have three sets of three- three stamps, three pairs of bamboo, three dragonflies and oh- my bad only two sets of three pearls. Another set might have been too much.

I love the serenity of this card. It reminds me of my Holistic nursing teacher and mentor, Gail. It reminds me to deep breath and relax and all will be good.

I might just have to send it off to Gail, just because.....

1 comment:

Ardyth said...

Ohmmmmmm! lol! Seriously - this card radiates serenity! You definitely look like a pro at one layer cards to me! Thanks so much for playing along!