Saturday, February 29, 2020

Now for something different........

I have been playing with a new to me type of meditative drawing calling Zentangle. In November, I ttok a class at our local night school. It was inspiring and fun at the same time. There were 10 gals in the class, many who said they couldn't draw a straight line and yet each tiny work of art that they made was gorgeous.

Mine are the top and bottom ones second from the right.

Zentangle was started by artist Marie and her partner Rick and is an international phenomenon.

Here is a short video on the history of Zentangle.

What I like about Zentangle is that it is relaxing, just repetitive patterns fitted into a small 3.5X3.5 square. It is easy to travel with. You just have paper and pens.

Generally done in black and white, when you get adventurous you can add color.

Zentangle was a stress reliever for me when my brother was in the hospital.  Check out some videos or find a certified Zentangle teacher and learn the awesome art form.


Nora Noll said...

WOW!! Your Zentangles should be framed!! They are STUNNING!!

Dawn Phillips said...

I would love to be able to do this. I keep trying but I am no artist. You have made a fabulous job. Love Dawn x