Sunday, April 26, 2009

Copic Markers Anyone?

Mornin' Guys!!

How many of you have gotten on the Copic  (pronounced Co (LONG O) pic) bus.

I have gotten on but haven't bought the round trip ticket yet. I took my second copic class yeserday at One Little Spark in  Jersey. These classes have been taught by Heather Messon a member of the design team at A Muse and a copic certified instructor. WOW she really taught us some easy and amazing tips and ways to use these somewhat daunting markers. I am getting close to buying the round trip.

If you are interested in getting started visit There are many good tips to get you started. Marianne you has this blog has a nice video on getting started. 

Let me know how many of you are using the Copics as your preferred means of coloring. E-mail me some cards or other things you have done with the Copic markers and I will post them.

Have  great day!!

Sue T.

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judyneef and karencowen said...

Hey Sue, you're doing an awesome job on the blog!!! Thanks! I am not into copic markers yet but I'm sure after seeing all you can do I'll be sorry I haven't used them yet! BTW your cards on the blog are fabulous!!!