Sunday, August 2, 2020

Good bye sweet girl

One day while I was at work, I received a call from the owner of my local craft sore. A kitten had wandered into the store and knowing I already had six cats, Heather thought I would take this little one. I called George and he said, “Absolutely no more cats!!”. I lined up some one to take the kitten, but I had to bring her home overnight. When I went to pick up the kitten, Heather had her in a basket wrapped in a pink towel, with pink ribbons tied to the handle. I took her home and put the basket next to George. He took one look at the wee girl and said, “Oh no, we are keeping her!” That was almost 21 years ago.

Pinkie has always been our favorite of all our cats and at the age of 16 she got her wish to be an only cat and have George’s and my undivided attention.

She enjoyed spending time with me in my studio, late night cuddles with George on the sofa, and lounging in a sunbeam.

 Miss Pinkie passed away peacefully in my arms last night. She was just shy of her 21st birthday. She was the love of my life.


Nora Noll said...

I am so sorry for your loss!! Such a beautiful memorial! Big hugs!!

Cathy said...

Oh my! What a beautiful girl, so sorry for your loss. You had an amazing amount of time with her, 21 years of wonderful memories, Cathy x

Crafting Queen said...

So very sorry for your loss.x